Acavallo 2012
Budget and Build


We're a crew of friends, in New York, Washington state, and California. We built this project for the simple joy of creating something wonderful to share with the world. Something that will encourage creativity, diversity, and interaction wherever it goes - the carousel redux is our first project, but there are bigger plans. The overall goal is to set up a nonprofit, and build collaborative art in an educational setting.

This project was built with funding help from Burning Man, Kickstarter, and many parties in NY.

The carousel was built by many, many people. Quill Hyde is the artist, designer and the engineer. He also did this website. His brother Barley, who did the majority of the fabrication on the second build, and Quill have a shop in Tonasket Washington - - where the carousel was built. You can read more about Quill at if you're curious. His email is and his phone number is 509 560 9520.

The majority of the pirate crew is based in Brooklyn, NY. Linus Little, Jamie Slater, Dan Glass, Shawn Patrick Anderson, to name just a few, plus so many more. We're all doing this for no reason. Some of us were on the original crew, for the 2007 experience, and we're back for more with plenty new help. It's an amazing band of people, all highly creative, energized, motivated to make things happen and get things done.

We've got a facebook group:!/groups/16780955780/

We also are a Bocabearings Innovation design winner! Thank you for the votes!


The carousel is available for rental - for events, parties, or parades. For details and options email, or call 509 322 6505.